System 3 Off-Road DS340 Dune Sport Tires

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System 3 Off-Road is changing the way you enjoy the sand. With a highly flexible two-ply carcass and unique tread, the System 3 SS360 delivers handling precision like no other sand tire. The tread design provides an all-terrain feel on any UTV, with a performance style that carves through corners. It’s the most playful sand tire available for your UTV.

The lightweight SS360 offers flotation second to none, and the tire’s low-rolling resistance helps reduce stress on the vehicle’s belt and driveline. The 16mm deep tread gives the best combination of cornering and straight-line propulsion for continuous traction in the sand, and transitions smoothly to hard pack when needed. System 3 engineers tested several compounds and tread sets before choosing these to provide the best performance - front and rear - in the sand.